Typo in Crux article?


I sent this note to Crux today. In McCarrick’s letter to Sambi, quoted in their article, is the word McCarrick uses admiratio or admiration?

Your article of today includes these lines:

Vatican restrictions

In an August 25, 2008, letter to the late Italian Archbishop Pietro
Sambi, at the time the papal representative in the United States,
McCarrick said he was “ready to accept the Holy Father’s will in my
regard,” and addressed the canceling of pre-arranged talks and the
Vatican’s request that he move to either a monastery or a hospice.

Such a move, he argued, would cause “great admiration,” with the
italics coming in the original.

I suspect that the word ‘admiration’ in the last sentence is a typo,
and that instead it should be ADMIRATIO (without the N), which in
church Latin has the sense of ‘bewilderment.’ I well remember a
letter from Abp Strecker of KCK in the 80s to a friend who had asked
him to grant permission for the old Latin Mass. Strecker claimed this
would cause ‘admiratio.’

In the Integrated Humanities Program at Kansas U . . . , admiratio was
used in a much more positive sense to mean awe, wonder, amazement.

I do not imagine that is the meaning intended by McCarrick. If in
fact McCarrick wrote admiratio not admiration, that substantially
changes the meaning of the sentence quoted. I suggest you