Thank you Monsignor Anthony J. Figueiredo


Dear Monsignor,

Thank you for speaking out publicly regarding your experience with McCarrick, the Pope, and the leadership of the Church. The hierarchy’s abuse of authority and cover up has to be stopped and by stepping up in an effort to bring transparency to the rot, light will shine on the darkness and it is my prayer that all the rot will be eliminated, transformed or healed through the light of Christ and in union with His most Holy Will.

Your bravery is warranted and so very much appreciated during these troubled times in the Church. I appreciate your help in contributing to the rebuilding of the foundations of trust within the Church by embracing the trust in Christ to speak the truth without fear. And I too look forward to, in your words, “a culture in which each knows where to seek help and all are held accountable, a culture in which no secret sins can fester and no corruption mar the Church’s maternal care.”

The time to open the closets and dust out the cobwebs, secrets and dissension from the truth. Living the Gospel of Christ, living the doctrine of the Church takes discipline, faith and trust. It also takes mercy, forgiveness and charity. We need to clear out those who look to dismantle the Church for the world, and fortify the Church with the truth and also fortify those who believe and live what Jesus taught us.

I am so grateful for those who are willing to stand up and open the doors to what has been closed for too long – the damage is hurting the Church and we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work removing the rot and replace it with the truth, the faith, the love of the Holy Trinity. Eternal thank you Monsignor. May God bless and protect you, may the Holy Spirit guide you in His Holy Will and guide and bless the Church during these troubling times. Please know of our prayers for you.

Come, Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and en-kindle in them the fire of Thy love.

V. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created.
R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray. O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise, and ever to rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord.