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We are grateful for any thought and insights you may like to share on the report.

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    Prof Janet Smith

    I commend you for posting this report. It is essential that we get to the bottom of the McCarrick issue and so many others related to it. Your report greatly advances the effort. It is clear that you made your decision to come forward after much prayer and careful thought. I hope others who are in possession of documents that might shed light on the darkness that pervades our Church will do so. At this moment, I believe there are few acts more needed to advance the salvation of the world. Thank you!

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    Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI published the following comments in April 2019: "Martyrdom is a basic category of Christian existence. The fact that martyrdom is no longer morally necessary... shows that the very essence of Christianity is at stake here." Benedict goes on to optimistically say: "Today’s Church is more than ever a 'Church of the Martyrs' and thus a witness to the living God... especially among ordinary people, but also in the high ranks of the Church." Indeed, the Faith of the Martyrs exists EVEN TODAY in a manner that is contra-distinguishable to personalities in the Church who evidently lack genuine Faith. But what is the difference? According to Benedict XVI, the difference is the certitude that "a life that is based on a final lie, is a non-life" (Ibid). It would undoubtedly do the Church a great service if everyone would take to heart Benedict XVI's well-informed opinion that the current 'sexual' crisis is a reflection of the deeper, spiritual/moral/liturgical/theological crisis that has plagued the Church in recent history. May many more priests and laity follow the lead of Fr. Figueiredore, Bishop Vigano, Siobhan O'Connor, and others, by taking to heart what the Catechism calls "an apparent solution to human problems at the price of apostasy from the truth" (C.C.C. 675).

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    Thank you for this information, Father.
    Please do not be offended, but I am a bit disappointed.

    A popular site is trumpeting that "Newly Published Letters Vindicate Vigano" and then leads us to this site.

    But there are no published letters. Only excerpts posted by you.

    I am curious as to why the actual letters are not scanned and posted so people can make their own determinations.
    It also does not seem particularly fair to all parties involved.

    Thank you.

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      Mr. Pierre
      We have received a number of requests for the documents and are evaluating how best to do so. Thank you for your patience and interest.

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    Marge Hansen

    I want to thank Monsignor Figueiredo for his courage and for his compassion for the victims of Mr.McCarrick as well as for the Catholic faithful, who are also hurting because of the lies and obfuscation surrounding the Vatican like a noxious cloud.
    From the day that Archbishop Carlo Viganò made his first accusations, the laity has called for transparency and especially COURAGE on the part of the hierarchy. Apparently, this is beginning to occur, as evidenced by the good monsignor's report.
    May God bless him abundantly and may God's Holy Will be done. Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for your Son's Church. Blessed Mother and St. John Vianney, pray for the protection of courageous priests!

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    Tom Wood

    "This report is published in the hope is that it will help foster a culture of transparency and trust in the way that leaders at all levels of the Church and society respond to allegations of abuse of any kind. Restoring trust will require an unfiltered debate around how best to protect the vulnerable from predatory behaviors of any kind. The Discussion Board section of this website is available for those who wish to engage in a dialogue around these issues. While we hope to foster an open conversation, the section is moderated to avoid profanity, personal attacks, or other non-productive posts."

    Thank You Mons. Anthony. It's difficult to know who to trust. Only through transparency, honesty, timely and just response , can it begin to be restored.

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    I too, congratulate you, Msgr. for speaking out. The only possible solution to the clergy sex abuse and cover up scandal is for people who know what happened, to tell what happened. No juridical procedure will be enough to force the truth out of people who are determined to hide it.
    May God bless you, sir.
    Your friend,
    Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

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    I am praying for you and the Church. Jesus said there would be tares among the wheat and that they would be torn out and burned at the time of harvest. Thank you for being willing to sacrifice for the truth. We need a pure and undefiled Church and the prayers of the faithful will be answered in due season. Only humble, broken and contrite hearts can clean and heal the Church. May you and I carry our crosses in obedience to Christ and welcome the chance to give Him glory

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    Thank you for providing the 'proof' so many of us have needed to defend Archbishop Vigano. It is very hard to be in the fight to defend the truths of our Church without proof. God Bless you for your courage!
    In Christ, C.C. Christopherson

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    Another Mary

    Thank you for having the courage to share the information. Be assured that many people support you who may not know of this forum so that they can voice that support.

    I am praying for you!